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Who are we?

In our over five decades of visual arts experience we have created characters for Universal, Fox,  and Warner Bros. including work on “Shrek 2″, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Harry Potter” and “District 9″.

We can provide the same level of quality to you, quickly, professionally, and within your budget.

We are artists with the combined skill sets necessary to execute on your character design no matter its stage. Please view our gallery of projects. The talent and experience of our team speaks for itself and we would enjoy the opportunity to bring our assets to bear on your vision.

What we offer…

Idea Generation

Our team


 James Stewart
Art Director – Mash Up / Sculptor

James Stewart has worked within the industry since Reboot. He sculpts and designs full time. His experience as Creature Supervisor for Moving Picture Company and Image Engine grounds the design team in the professional processes used by the biggest studios giving clients confidence in project completion and quality.


 Ron Turner
Concept and Paint over

Ron can do everything from sketch up to matte paintings like you will see on “Elysium”. He can do more than character design and you can feel free to contact him directly…. and when he gives us a picture to use I will swap it, until then he is a stick man.


 Rob Jensen
Sketch up and Concept Creation

Rob seems to work on almost every concept job. His rapid idea generation and quick paintings are ideal for idea generation and concept development. Click on his IMBD and see for yourself.


 Julianna Kolakis
Concept artist and Paint over

Julianna is one of the finest Paint over artists in the industry. She continually produces beautiful images that are not only critical for selling a project, but also act as a guide for production artists. Her talents are not limited to the paint over, however. She paints, uses zbrush and combines these skills to develop a clear vision. Click on the picture and see for yourself.